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Hello world!

The FEMINART SHOW was exciting. Great to have my pictures up with other artists.

Anybody happen to see the show?

10 comments to Feminart show

  • Roger

    beautiful images

  • Maria

    You bet I saw your show, darlin’ and I love your work. Fabulous work, you enlivened one, you.

  • Denise

    stunningly original and juicy! congratulations, Sarah!

  • ming

    this is a new concept for me, and i’m getting used to the boldness and particular beauty of these mandalas.

  • Sally

    I did not get to see the show. Please let me know when your next showing is. I do love the images you have here on the web and would like to see them in person in real time, space and light.

  • They look very jewel-like and luminous.
    Quite striking!

  • Roz

    What a revolutionary act, to artfully reveal the portal through which life comes forth! BRAVO SARAH!

    Your images fearlessly capture the mystery of what ancient cultures have revered for centuries. Through exhibiting your art I am able to see the uniqueness of each form while recognizing the Yoni’s relationship to nature and beyond!

    Thank you for hearing the call of the feminine and finding a response through your photography. I am moved, curious and awed by your calling and find myself drawn deeper into the mystery of my own feminine nature!

    I honor your dedication to your “craft”. (“Craft means power. Power is what spirituality is about-not taste but the power to perceive, to receive, to create, and to transform.” M.C. Richards, Centering, p xi.)

  • Peggy

    This was my first introduction to your work, Sarah, and I love the images and the feelings that they evoke. Keep at it!

  • Stunning and beautiful in every way. For me a flashback to ancient primordial creation art from Greece and from the beginning of recorded time.Bravo ! Harriette

  • Darlene

    What a wonderful gift.  Your presence. Your creativity.  A prized possession.  You use it well.  I love you.  Congratulations!

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