Artist Statement



I have been fascinated by the mystery and beauty of nature since I was a child.

I was born and raised in Antigua, West Indies, where I spent my days out of doors.  My intimate relationship with light, air, the sea, land, and everything that grows, along with the influence of my father, a photographer, led to my passion for capturing nature's exquisite designs with a camera.

Although I have great reverence for the broader landscape, it is through my connection with a more intimate perspective that I have become intrigued with the patterns of the natural world.  The concept of a photographic meditative mandala unfolded for me.

My desire is for these images to inspire you to see the ordinary in an extraordinary way.



Born in 1958,  Sarah Louise Nicholson was exposed to photography at an early age through her father’s (Desmond Nicholson) passion for photography documenting his explorations of the Caribbean in the 1950’s as a yacht captain.

Sarah took her first photo class in 6th grade and continued passionately studying with Diz Bensley at Phillips Andover Academy.  During her college years at University of Southern California she pursued environmental studies, then returned to Antigua to work in her family’s chandlery business and to create batik and salt dye fiber arts.
While raising three children, Kelsey, Kai and Marley, with her husband Roger Reed, aka Roger the Jester, Sarah continued her photography.  She also was a doula, providing labor support and post partum care for families.
Sarah now provides care for elders in their homes while continuing her investigation of photographic mandalas.